Hot Air Ballooning

Cappadocia is one of the most popular places for hot air balloon flights in the world, and it’s because of its unique landscape and perfect weather conditions all year round.

For those with an eye for natural beauty, a balloon ride is an essential part of any visit. From the moment of take-off, around sunrise, the spectacular landscape of Cappadocia enchants the passengers. You will feel as if you are in a dream, drifting gently past fairy chimneys, through valleys scattered with pigeon houses and over orchards and vineyards. The differente colours and vistas of the fight will make for beautiful photopgraphs and unforgetable memories.

(Average of 45 minutes to 1 hour in the air)
Our standard balloon flight is a far from average, but it’s the base level for visitors hoping to experiene the magic of the Balloon flight for a lower price. The size of the basket is for 20 to 26 people. Participants will not be more than 26 people...

PRICE: Please request availability and rates

(Average of 1 and a half hour in the air)
The more intimate, 16 to 20 person capacity balloons of the deluxe balloon flight is offering a special opportunity to take in Cappadocia’s landscape in a smaller group.

PRICE: Please request availability and rates

For passengers who wish to plan a special event, we offer the VIP Balloon Flight. We may customize for couples, family or for groups. There will be no other passengers in the basket, it will be only for you. Whether celebrating a birthday, anniversary or wedding proposal, balloon flights make a magical back drop to all special occasions. We can arrange private balloon flights, sunset balloon flights, romantic landings and special arrangements for all kinds of surprises. Please contact us for your private balloon requests, we will be happy to offer our services, and help plan the special day. Price quotes available upon request and after consultation.”

PRICE: Please request availability and rates

Here’s a simple explanation of the process of going on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia:

  • Hotel pick-up
  • Registration and light breakfast
  • Driving to the take-off spot
  • The big balloons’ are getting blown and taking their shapes and the dawn’s getting illuminated with the lights of the burning helium gas used for blowing the balloons look like surrealistic
  • Take off & fly above the incredible landscape for about 1 hour (flight time depends on which flight type you have booked)
  • Landing
  • Souvenir certificate, after landing and Champaign celebration
  • Hotel drop-off

Is it safe:
To fly in a balloon is as safe as traveling on an airliner operated by one of the worlds major carriers and not surprisingly many people who don’t like the claustrophobia of an airliner feel very comfortable in the balloon basket. Unlike an airliner, the technical systems are very simple and there is almost nothing that can go wrong.

All our passengers are insured up to 1.000.000 EURO by Allianz International Insurance. Reservation: Please reserve at the earliest time due to dates and locations fill fairly quickly

They are licensed, professionals and have long years of experience behind them. With these pilots you will not just fly over Cappadocia, depending on the season, pilots may bring you close enough to the fruit trees, like apricots or to collect flowers from the fields and fly back up again. They will pick you up from the hotel early in the morning, you will fly over valleys of Cappadocia full of rock formations, fairy chimneys and natural beauty. Actual takeoff starts before sunrise and average flight in the air is about 1 hour or 1 hour and 30minutes, depending on the option booked. Example: You wake up at 04:30am and are back at the hotel around 07:30am. This may change depending on the season and hour of sunrise. You have a Champaign celebration at the end of the flight.

The balloon tours run everyday, all year-round except if there is a bad weather. We receive reservations for any date and only the day before the ride or sometimes on the morning of the flight we may be canceling it due to Weather.