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I still not sure what day it is yet, we just got home last night from Athens!

Both tours (Istanbul and Kusadasi) went really well!

Both guides were on time and well versed in the locales and were able to answer all our questions and be candid about the climate in Turkey. We felt very safe in both of the guides hands.I would recommend them each again and for sure recommend doing private tours in many areas verses the massive ship tours ! We learned a lot and the flexibility to make quick changes when necessary.

Thank you again!

Take care.

Ellen S

Hi Rina

back in Bangkok now

It was great to meet you. You have chosen a cute place to live in, however you ended up there.

I can honestly say not one thing went wrong of all the arrangements you made for us. Every place had the room ready, there was no issue about the payments, all guides and drivers showed up, and on time too. I have no complaints at all.

Since you asked about hotels and guides...

I liked all the hotels we stayed in and the rooms we selected. I think the nicest room was IlaydaAvantgarde. The best breakfast in my opinion was El Vino in Bodrum (big buffet spread even though there were few guests). However, overall the nicest room plus breakfast experience plus great staff was hotel Unique in Fethiye. My least favourite room was the Hotel Hideaway in Kas but still very nice (bathroom was really tight space). Breakfast was nice and staff were very friendly so it is still a good place to stay.

For guides, (I have forgotten their names), best was the one who we had for two days and who brought us to see you. He is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I was interested to hear all that he had to say. I bet some tourists just want to take pictures but I actually wanted to hear what he had to say. Second best was the guide we had in Antalya, also quite knowledgeable and helpful about getting around in Turkey. Least favourite guide (but still OK) was the one that picked us up in Bodrum. He was relatively inexperienced (I caught some errors in his information) and talked about things of interest to someone his age (20s?). Still interesting to hear his perspective on modern Turkey and the Middle East.

Not sure when our next trip would be to Turkey. I still want to see Nemrut and see what there is about King Midas and the Gordians. And I have never seen the Black Sea area either. I would definitely get back to you for those.

Thanks again for everything


Hi Rina,

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time with our tour in Turkey.

We did not expect it to be just us with our own personal guide and driver!

They were great, really very happy with the results


Hi Rina

Thanks once again for your assistance and work.

Just a few I hope constructive comments.

Muhammad as guide in the Istanbul walking trip and Faruk on the Ephesus trip were very, very good - thoughtful, engaged and hospitable.

As a purely personal opinion I would not recommend Side - ugly commercial excess full of bored German tourists. In a history based itinerary it was truly a low point (yes I know people have to make a living and the site has a significant temple ).

A suggested alternative to Side for consideration would be the Antalya Museum - exceptional.


Hi Rina,

We had a wonderful time.

We had excellent guides and drivers and liked all the hotels except perhaps for Hierapolis thermal Hotel, but I understand there's not many options in Pamukale.

It would have been nice to have more free time in Pamukale.

It was a pleasure working with you and your company.

Thank you,